Staffordshire convicts

The Chartists were a working class movement for political reform which existed in Britain during the period 1836 to 1857.
They were named after the People's Charter published in 1838 and had strong support in many working class areas, including Staffordshire.
The publication of the charter let to uprising, riots and an eventual crackdown by the Government. Many Chartists were arrested and transported to the colonies.
I researched the convicts transported after the Chartist riots in Staffordshire. These were all men and my book 'Sent to Van Diemen's Land - Staffordshire Chartists' tells you something about what happened to them before and after they were transported.

I then decided to look at women who had been transported from Staffordshire. Some of these stories are quite harrowing and when we look back at history we can see how much injustice there was.These women became the reason for the second convict book 'Women of Van Diemen's Land - Staffordshire Women'.