Craft work

I have an interest in many types of arts and crafts so this page could be of interest to many different people. I love knitting but do not do so much now as my hands don't work very well. I also like to make cards and ATCs as well as painting and sewing. Weaving on a bead loom and also using a peg loom are more of my crafty interests.

When I knit nowadays I tend to make small soft toys or ornaments as they are easy to do and are quickly made.Here are some items I have knitted recently.

Snow owl

I love working with pastels rather than with acrylics, watercolours or oils although I have used all these at some time. Pastels seem to give me more scope with shading and of course don't have to sit there and dry! Here are some of my pastels.

 Mountain in France
Fairy Glen

I love macrame and have made a lot of bracelets. The next three photos show some of these and some beaded bracelets as well as some knitted brooches.

Knitted brooches