Tree Medicine

Where would we be without trees? Not only do they play an important part in the hydrological cycle but they provide homes for animals, birds and insects. They provide us with shade when the sun is hot and with fruits to eat in the autumn. When they grow near each other they provide us with pleasant woodland walks.

But they provide us with much more than that. Not only can many of their leaves, fruits and bark be used for medicinal purposes, but the trees themselves can offer us a way to see into our deepest Inner Selves.

Since ancient times, trees have been known for their healing properties and their magic. There are many stories and superstitions told of trees. There is even a Tree Alphabet, the Ogham alphabet used by the Druids many years ago. From my work with the Ogham alphabet came the idea of the Tree Medicine Cards. This is a set of 20 cards relating to the original 20 letters of the Ogham. The cards can be used in many ways aiding healing and personal growth. I have also written a more detailed workbook which can be used with the cards as well as designed greetings cards using the Tree Medicine cards.

Card for this month


The Vine has been grown in the British Isles for a long time. Its fruit supplies us with food and wine. The Vine grows spirally and is a symbol of the intertwisting of the conscious and the unconscious mind. The bramble is often thought of as the Vine, giving us fruit for wines and jellies as well as food for birds and small animals.

Vine asks you to turn your awareness within where you will find the key to your problems. Be patient and you will be rewarded. Let your intuition guide you.

Tree Medicine

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